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Books From Bayla Publishing

Palm Sunday
. In this techno-thriller, a hidden agency is secretly data mining all online communications to create a "societal profile". This snapshot of the national conversation is the result of scooping up virtually everything communicated online by everyone. If you send it, they store it.

Kindle $2.99  Nook $2.99
The Official Guide to Office Wellness. 100 office workers pose on, over, and in their desks and cubicles to demonstrate animal-inspired techniques designed to alleviate office maladies. Winner of an IPPY for humor.
Gift one to your favorite office worker!

Kindle $2.99   Nook $2.99
Secrets of a Massage Therapist. The mysterious world of massage therapy is the backdrop for this humorous, sizzling story of new love. Angie, a professional massage therapist, encounters Marcus, a writer of mystery novels. Sparks fly as they are tested by dark characters in both their lives. Caution: contains spice! Written by a professional massage therapist.

Kindle $4.99    Nook $4.99
Kyuboria. Cubicle humor with a twist. State worker Clint Palmer has spent far too much time in the box, and his cubicle weariness has now been honed to razor sharp indifference. Then one day he learns of a grant that could fund his dream company, but to qualify he must get fired from the State.

Unfortunately the State seldom fires anyone.

Kindle $2.99    Nook $2.99
Articles by William R. Vitanyi, Jr. via Hubpages

When Andy Dick visited Edinboro University of Pa, something unusual happened while in the arms of the owner of Bayla Publishing.

Marines of F Company, 2nd Battalion, 26th Regiment, 5th Division advancing under fire on Iwo Jima. Read about an astonishing discovery.

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William R. Vitanyi, Jr.

The urge to create plus the technical ability to publish equals the brave new world of literary individualism. In such a world, no longer are we slaves to a few large publishers with a diminishing basket of goods.

The global playing field has been leveled through technology and personal entrepreneurship. Individuals increasingly seek to bring dreams to fruition by investing time and effort to provide a superior experience.

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Iwo Jima
by Eric Hammel

This book includes a photograph of my uncle's (Pfc. John J. Vitanyi) Marine company in action on Iwo Jima, two weeks before he was killed in action. Great book with incredible detail and many photos. Bayla recommends.