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Sometimes you just want access to your own data. No cloud, no syncing, just your information in a database on your phone or tablet.

The BaylaDex allows you to easily create and organize basic text information and store it in an easy to use database on your Android device. It is simple to create, edit, and access your information.

For the more advanced user, create content on your PC and then load it into your Android. Share categories of data with other users via email or FTP, either encrypted or unencrypted. Best of all it's free!

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Do you want to write articles and make money for your efforts? If so, HubPages may be for you. Click this image to read an article on the topic, and perhaps launch a new career.  For more info click the pic.



Some of the 34 writers who collectively authored a complete novel in three weeks in a Bayla project called Build-A-Book.

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Here is a great reference for anyone interested in writing and publishing for Kindle. At $2.99 it's a great bargain with lots of excellent information from how to create an eBook for Kindle, to marketing, to author website design, and more. A great read.

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The Marines of F Company, 2nd Battalion, 26th Regiment, 5th Division on Iwo Jima


Marines of F Company advancing under fire on Iwo Jima, February 26, 1945.   Read the article about this historic battle and the chance encounter that led to an astonishing discovery. Click pic for article.



We write and publish our own books and Android apps, and also occasionally take on an exciting new author. As markets and technologies change, we evolve to take advantage of new opportunities. Feel free to contact us with any questions, and thank you for supporting independent publishers. Email us Gift Cards
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The Official Guide to Office Wellness.
100 office workers pose on, over, and in their desks and cubicles to demonstrate animal-inspired techniques designed to alleviate office maladies.

Winner of an IPPY for humor, and "...funny enough to make you momentarily forget your own cramped cubicle blues."  - Publishers Weekly.

Gift one to your favorite office worker!

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Palm Sunday
. A hidden agency is secretly data mining all online communications to create a "societal profile". This snapshot of the national conversation is the result of scooping up virtually everything communicated online by everyone. If you send it, they store it.

Written ten years before the Snowden reveal!

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Secrets of a Massage Therapist. The mysterious world of a professional massage therapist is the backdrop for this sultry, humorous, and sizzling story of new love.

Angie, a professional massage therapist and German import, encounters Marcus, a writer of mystery novels. Sparks fly as they are tested by dark characters in both of their lives. Written by professional massage therapist Ms. Andy Vogt.

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State worker Clint Palmer has spent far too much time in the box, and his cubicle weariness has now been honed to razor sharp indifference. Then one day he learns of a grant that could fund his dream company, but to qualify he must get fired from the State.

Unfortunately the State seldom fires anyone.

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How I Lifted Andy Dick

When Andy Dick visited Edinboro University to  show and discuss his movie, the owner of Bayla Publishing lifted him completely off the ground. Read about it.


My Sample Newspaper Article

This sample newspaper interview with refuse engineer Gene Pennington showcases journalistic techniques such as interviewing, visualizing, polymorphism, and humor.



Featured Review
Iwo Jima, by Eric Hammel

With stunning photos and detailed narrative this in-depth account of one of the most difficult battles of World War II is a must read.

To my great surprise and delight it even included a photograph (right) of my uncle's Marine company in action, two weeks before his tragic death in this battle.

Bayla strongly recommends!

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